13 Best Non-slip Yoga Mats to Buy in 2020

A yoga mat is one of the accessories required to perform yoga. There are various yoga mat profits that you can experience to make the exercise more effective. The primary advantage of practicing a mat is to avoid possible injury.

Talking about your safety it makes sense to find the best yoga mat suitable for your choice. Aside from the design and color, you should also pick a yoga mat that provides stability while operating your poses.

1. Lululemon The Reversible Mat 5mm

This yoga mat is recognized for its stellar grip, which won’t allow you to slip out of downwards due to sweaty palms. It’s reversible, sweat-wicking, and durable suggested to invest in for years of usage.  This mat is thicker than other mats, which provides extra cushioning for your knees in floor postures. This mat has nine different color varieties, ranging from a dusty rose to lavender, to mint green.

2. GAIAM Essentials Premium Yoga Mat With Carrier Sling

GAIAM Premium Yoga Mat is not only affordable but a granted brand by yogis universally. This yoga mat is super lightweight with its quarter thickness and has a transport sling to shift on your shoulder and carry to and from yoga classes easily.

This yoga mat comes in six classic colors, so you can choose the one that best suits you and your practice.

3. backslash fit Smart Yoga Mat

This smart non-slip yoga mat is excellent for home practice. This yoga mat is collaborated with womens health to create a yoga mat that changes the game. The yoga mat includes the smart technology which works by pairing with Women’s Health Yoga on Amazon Alexa. 

4. Jade Harmony 3/16 Yoga Mat

Jade Harmony yoga mat makes their mats from rubber trees not with synthetic materials, plastic, or PVCs. It means this is the mat for you if you’re looking for a mat that provides back to the environment so you can feel balanced in your practice. Without being bulky, this mat keeps you from slipping and sliding, even if the yoga sessions are sweatiest.

5. Manduka PRO Yoga Mat

This durable mat from Manduka is known as the “PRO” mat for many reasons, which we will discuss below. This yoga mat is specially developed for an expert yogi, whether practice once a day, week, or month, and makes its lifetime guarantee.  This yoga mat undergoes an emissions-free construction process, which makes this mat free from all chemicals.

6. Balance From GoYoga All-Purpose Extra Thick Yoga Mat

This yoga mat is perfect for those people who have knee injuries, aches, and pains. It is also suitable for those yogis who hate the hard floor’s feeling under your knee. This yoga mat comes with a carrying strap for comfortable portability and is a reliable option for your budget. 

7. Atmananda Alignment Yoga Mat

Atmananda Alignment Yoga mat is customized to your height to make sure your body sticks every pose perfectly, without having the risk of injury. This yoga mat is perfect for all sizes of people, including those people who have significant height and weight. This mat is a longer-sized yoga mat that comes in clutch for regular morning yoga classes where you require to stake out a bit more personal space so you can hear yourself moving.

8. Plyopic All-in-One Yoga Mat

Plyopic All-in-One Yoga Mat comes in the 16 prints with names like Mermaid, Moon Phases, and Peacock.this yoga mat has a great feature of dryness with extra comfort. The most modern feature is that it’s like a mat and towel combined, so you have a micro suede surface to support your sweaty hands and feet during different yoga classes. 

9. SUGA Recycled Wetsuit Yoga Mat

 SUGA Recycled Wetsuit Yoga Mat available in two workable lengths is made of recycled surfing wetsuits, and it’s uniquely slip-resistant because of that. This yoga mat is also antimicrobial, and you can hose it down or also stick it in the shower to wash it.  

10. IUGA Nonslip Reversible Yoga Mat

IUGA Nonslip Reversible Yoga Mat includes the feature of the handy carry strap. It has a non-slip, textured surface that gives a grounded characteristic as you move through your flow. This mat is not prepared from PVC- and latex, which makes this mat more environmentally friendly. This yoga mat is perfect for you in case you suffer from a latex allergy problem

11. Ban.do Work It Out Exercise Mat

Ban.do’s Mat keeps you comfy during any exercise style on hard floors. If you’re going to fall onto a soft surface after your fifth attempt at a headstand, it should be this super comfy mat. This mat is covered in our favorite colors and a ridiculously cute design. It is made of a durable and lightweight material that allows for secure storage and travel.

12. Prana ECO. Yoga Mat

Prana ECO. Yoga Mat includes a two-sided textured surface that gives superior cushioning and outstanding grip on hard surfaces. This yoga mat is made up of TPE material: UV resistant, lightweight, PVC free, chloride free, latex-free, and uses non-toxic materials. This yoga mat can we use in extreme temperatures and also has closed-cell construction, which prevents germs from absorbing into the mat.

13. Sugarmat Travel Set

Sugarmat Travel Set yoga mat has a natural reversible rubber base, which includes an ultra-absorbent synthetic suede top for absorbing the sweat and provides the more grip over the mat.  This yoga mat comes in five attractive designs and closes right up into a tiny travel pouch that can fit right in your purse.

The mat can wipe with a clean cloth after a few spritzes of the yoga mat spray. This yoga mat is Non-toxic, emissions-free manufacturing, 100% latex/PVC free.

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