7 Best Resistance Bands of 2020

Getting fit doesn’t require a gym membership. You can build a total-body routine that burns calories and tones your muscles with a few sets of workout bands. One of the essential things with workout bands is that it is also gentle on your joints.Workout or resistance bands come in various lengths, strengths, and according to sizes to meet your individual needs. You’re capable of strengthening every muscle in your body as they act as external resistance. If we talk about portability, there are no more excuses for missing a workout, even if you’re away from home.

1.Best Overall: Fit Simplify Loop Bands

Resistance bands provide your body with a powerful workout at home or at the gym. They give enough resistance to train your muscles and take up minimum floor space. That’s why they are a smart buy for people who work out at home often.The Fit Simplify Loop Band set begins with five bands that give modifying resistance. If you are a beginner and move on from there, use the extra-light or light bands. The guidance guide and complimentary eBook present explained guidance to demonstrate best practices for the band.

2.Best Set Swelldom Resistance Bands Set

The Swell down resistance bands set carries everything you require for home workout. There are five different color-coded resistance bands, two cushioned handles, a carrying bag, one door anchor, two ankle straps, and an exercise guide.The bands are modified in toughness and can be defined based on their colors—yellow is equal to 10 pounds, blue is 20 pounds, green is 30 pounds, black is 40 pounds, and red is 50 pounds. Every resistance band is 48 inches long and is designed with high-quality and durable latex that won’t snap. The bands are double-layered, which will manage their resistance for a long time.

3.Best for Pull-Ups: INTEY Exercise Resistance Bands

The INTEY Pull Assist Band perfect for those people who are looking for their pull-up game. This Pull-up bands provide you weight assistance when attempting to fulfill a pull-up so you can work up the strength to do one on your own. This Pull-up bands provide you with four different resistance bands, at an affordable price. Every band has a different assistance level ranging from 35 to 125 pounds, so you can choose as much or as little help as you require. These bands have excellent reviews, high-quality construction, affordable price, and the ability to assist you in doing a pull-up on your own.

4.Best for Building Muscle: Braided Xertube

The SPRI band is designed with a massive resistance specifically for those who are looking to add some bulk in their body. The Braided XertubHandles band has recently been upgraded to add a grip that will leave your hands feeling much comfortable through your workout duration.

5.Best for Hips: RIMSports Premium Resistance Hip Band Circle

The RIMSports Premium Resistance Hip band is proper for both men and women, although with fitness level. The RIMSport provides alternating degrees of resistance, so each body and muscle group part can profit. This hip resistance band can use for your legs, ankles, hips, back, arms, shoulders, or glutes. Utilizing the band will help to strengthen glutes and hips for both before and after workouts.

6.Best Tubes: Power Systems Premium Versa Tube Resistance Tube

Resistance bands arrive in three patterns. This band can use for various exercises like squats and stretching, open bands that are more suited for stretching, and band tubes are more suitable for resistance training. This band includes the tube version and arrives in six various resistances, from extra-light to ultra-heavy, so you can pick one or a few that suit your needs and level. The resistance tube is 48-inches long and works for a range of heights. The bands are excellent for tricep extensions, shoulder presses, bicep curls, kickbacks, and more.

7.Best for Glutes: Sling Shot Mark Bell Hip Circle Level 2 Resistance

This hip circle is excellent for doing exercises like squats, hip thrusts, or glute bridges more intense. The loop band is 3 inches wide and correctly used to stay fixed without rolling up or down while you exercise. Try to wear this band over the hip circle during squats or deadlifts, which will help you perform exercises with proper form and without injury.  The band is available in sizes medium through extra-large, and in a variation of colors, so that you can quickly find the one that fits your booty-building requirements.

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