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Best Running Shoes Under Rs 1000

1.Lotto Men’s Vertigo Running Shoes

Lotto Men’s Vertigo Running Shoes is a perfectly stylish and comfy running partner for all those men out there who are fitness freaks. Lotto’s have outstanding performance running shoe feature technology and aim for maximum comfort and style while running, jogging, and gymming. Lotto shoes sole incredibly designed to give an easy grip on the surface you run and also help you across slippery surfaces. From inside, these running shoes have a soft footbed, which includes the cushioned soft padding for soft comfort to your feet.

2.Sparx Running Shoes For Men

Sparx is one of the budget-friendly and guaranteed brand. Sparx also knows as one of the most popular low-budget sports shoe manufacturers. Made of mesh and incredibly lightweight makes these shoes more stylish and comfortable. The flexibility of the shoes provides the right amount of support to your feet. Sparx shoes have a modern look and design with the most advanced up-to-date footwear fashion.

3.Lancer Men’s Running Shoes

Lancer brings running shoes that look attractive and stylish for those people who want comfortable footwear for their day trips activity and also for the runner. The inner and outer side of the Lancer shoes includes the mesh fabric. The shoes have the feature of EVA sole, which provides comfort to your feet. The shoe can mix match with casual wear like denim, joggers, and shorts.

4.Liberty Storm 18 Men’s Running Shoes

The best thing about these running shoes from Liberty is the fact that they can just as quickly be used as part of a casual outfit as they could be for your morning runs. This shoe is perfect for relaxation runners whose running routine consists of a few rounds of the local park. Also, they are comfy yet fashionable sufficient to attract all the right attention from your running partners. The shoes are composed using high-quality airflow material, which allows the air to circulate freely inside. The lightweight feature provides space for the movement of the fingers with great comfort.

5.Power Men’s Urban Running Shoes

Power Men’s Urban Running Shoes is astylish brown running shoe manufacture using canvas fabric, which is most famous for comfort and flexibility. The shoes have a unique lightweight design with an incredibly perfect outsole that will keep you moving and confident during the running. Power Men’s Urban Running shoe is the ideal combination of comfort, style, and help in making this shoe as a fashion statement at an affordable price.

6.Columbus TB-1010 Men’s Running Shoes

This striking navy blue Columbus TB-1010 running shoes is incredibly stylish and trendy, which makes this shoe an excellent budget option for you.  This shoe is fit for Running, Jogging, Walking, Trekking, Marathon Run. This shoe includes the EVA sole, which makes this shoe an extremely durable running shoes. The shoe is of a stretchable fabric that offers magnified comfort.

7.Nivia Men’s Marathon Mesh Running Shoes

Nivia Men’s Marathon Mesh Running Shoes is the perfect pair of shoes for you if you run daily over your local running track. This shoe is fit for any ground surface for running, jogging, walking, and playing on any grounds. With the feature of upper-breathable and moisture-transferring mesh helps keep your feet dry and fresh. The shoes have a lining- used polyester cloth lining and foam, which adds more comfort around the ankle of the shoe. The shoes have a great sole that is prepared by a non-marking rubber compound, which is known for both flexibility and durability.

8.ASIAN Wonder 13 Running Shoes 

The shoes have a unique cushioned interior and the perfect curving and heel height. The shoe is highly durable, comfortable, and flexible, making them a worthy long-term investment. This shoe gives a classic combination of black and red colorway. The ASIAN running shoes are designed for ground control and balance impact absorption. They can be used for lifestyle wear and also for running, walking, and gym workouts.

 9.Campus Duster Men’s Running Shoes

When it comes to quality footwear at affordable prices, Campus running shoes are one of the most well-known brands. The campus has a broad range of competitively-priced running shoes to pick from its wide range of shoe categories. If we talk about Campus duster running shoes, this shoe is available in a multitude of colors such as black, blue, and orange, which gives you a lot of choices when you are planning running shoes.

10.Sparx Men’s Mesh Running Shoes

Sparx Men’s Mesh Runningshoes are the perfect combination of fashion and functionality. They are designed with superior materials that have good performance while running or jogging. Without the bother of laces, you can slip them in your feet and head out for running or jogging. They can be used for lifestyle wear and also for running, walking, and gym workouts. These shoes are available in a variety of beautiful colors, which will make a valuable addition in your morning running or jogging.

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