Top 6 dating apps for Thailand

We all consume lots of time online with Smartphones. In particular, Southeast Asia and Thailand might even see a more significant percentage of mobile users than western countries. At the beginning of the mobile phone, it was the first keyword here. Now you can’t imagine that there are almost as many dating apps and websites available as there are STDs. Following we are going to discuss the top dating apps that mostly used in Thailand

1. Tinder

 We are going to start with the number one player in the dating game right now. Tinder is the biggest name in the Thai market. Everybody here is on Facebook, so logging in via Facebook is not an issue here, and everybody seems cool to do it. Therefore most singles (or users looking for an additional bf/gf/gig/hookup) will have Tinder on their smartphone.

The idea is straightforward. You’ll present a list of photos of members. Then you have to swipe right if you like them and swipe left to pass. If both sides show interest, it’s a match, and messages can be sent to each other.  Remember one thing while using Tinder; make sure your photos can generate interest. So you need to choose your photos carefully.

2. OK Cupid

OKCupid is undoubtedly one of the most prominent performers on a global scale when talking about web-based stages. It also comes with an app that works like Tinder and allows you to do everything you can do online using a smartphone and browsing through matches, finding people, chatting, etc.  OKCupid is the perfect place to help you find your perfect Asian match. With this Thai dating app, you can generate a new account and begin writing your love story in minutes. It’s not as simple as Tinder but therefore, might allow a better chance to find your soulmate.

This Thailand dating app is an excellent alternative to meet Asian women. In this dating app, you’ll have plenty of choices for whatever type of relationship you’re interested in, from casual hookups to falling in love, and everything else along the way.

3. Paktor

Paktor is a location-based dating and networking mobile application that joins commonly interested users and enables them to chat individually or as a group.

This Tinder lookalike is so victorious that it just got another round of funding. It seems to work. The user base is expanding. The app itself seeks to diversify more by providing you more opportunities than Tinder and having more advanced strategies coming up according to the organization’s latest news.

4. Â Noonswoon

 This app is best for the local competitor in the market with a bit of a different approach. As with others, you will also log in via Facebook and then add your data and more pics, then Noonswoon does the magic by itself and will offer you every 24 hours with a new match. Otherwise, if you require to speed things up, you have to become a premium member.

It also uses the swipe-right-or-left style settled by Tinder. But here is the difference: every day at noon, you will only get a profile of one exciting single.

5. Thaifriendly

Thaifriendly is seemingly the best-known for the web-based dating site with Thailand focus. If you’re desperate, you will undoubtedly find someone here. And don’t expect conversations on a very advanced level.

ThaiFriendly is essential for casual dating. So if you are looking for a serious long term relationship, which may lead to marriage, ThaiFriendly may not be the best option. As a mostly free site (with a premium membership available for extra perks), ThaiFriendly attracts a younger, more urban crowd than its main competitor, like ThaiCupid.

6. Bee Talk

This app is not really advertised as a dating app but more as a communication app that allows chat and voice call like all the others. However, it has a feature built-in that lets you browse your surroundings by gender and age. After this, you can start conversations with random users that you select.

One of the most incredible features of this app is that BeeTalk is becoming somewhat of a ‘hook up’ app among youth in Thailand and, therefore, fits this list. 

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