2020 Top 13 USB Car Charger in India

Using your car’s built-in USB port to charge your phone usually takes much more time. If you’re an Apple or Android user, there’s no shortage of proficient phone chargers accessible in almost every price range. 

An average person spends hours in his/her car while traveling to work, and that time could charge all his/her smart devices, be it a smartphone or tablet.

The best USB car charger combines fashion, functionality, and quality. But few of them have the energy to charge your smartphone and tablet simultaneously.

Following, we are going to discuss the quality, features and give reviews a few of our personal favorites USB Car Charger in India.

1. BoAt Dual Port Rapid Car Charger 

This USB car charger has Qualcomm Quick ChargeTM 3.0 Technology, which is the best thing about this charger for enabling fast and reliable charging. The boat is a brand that you can reach out to claim warranty, which helps in recognizing the company’s brand image. The inbox cable is sturdy and built to last long. The price of the charger is reasonable, considering the fast charging tech and manufactured quality. 

2. CRUST Wireless FM Fast Charger

This USB car charger has excellent manufactured quality and doesn’t seem a low-quality product. The best feature is that you can run music and calls straight from your Bluetooth device or USB Disk to your Car FM stereo system. This USB car charger comes with 2 USB charging ports (QC3.0 + 5V/1A) for charging two devices. This charger includes Qualcomm QC3.0, which is four times faster than standard Chargers and 38% More Efficient than QC 2.0. Its remarkable feature is that it displays Car Battery Voltage & alerts if the voltage is abnormal.

3. Tewtross Dual USB Charger

This car charger has the excellent built quality and comfortable settings. It’s superb access, especially if your car system doesn’t have a Bluetooth choice. This charger comes with 2 USB charging ports 5V/1A and a designated high-speed charging port with 5V/2.1A output. It includes various choices to perform your music via USB, AUX-in, SD Cards, and Bluetooth. It also includes the power on\off switch plus extension for a convenient viewing angle.

4. Anker 5-Port USB Car Charger 

This car charger from Anker is a well-known brand. It has a cable extending out from the main charger to a house with five USB ports on the other end of the cable.

This USB car charger provides all the people in the car to have their devices closer to them during charging. Anker USB car charger uses its proprietary PowerIQ technology for the quickest possible charging times while managing the temperature and other security parameters. Anker USB car charger uses its proprietary PowerIQ technology for the quickest possible charging times while managing the temperature and other security parameters. This USB car charger gives you a warranty of 1.5 years with this product.

5. Mivi Car Charger

Mivi seems to have the promise to present the highest quality for its electronics accessories. This car charger includes a metal build that is sturdy and designed to last longer. Through this car charger, you can connect using any USB cable to charge Android and iOS devices. The company has given two USB ports offering 2.4A of output from each port. They can automatically recognize the connected device to charge it with the maximum supported speed. This charger also includes a warranty of one year.

6. Irusu Dual USB Fast Car Charger

Irusu car charger provides you a Qualcomm Quick Charger 3.0 technology, which can charge your gear up to 40% faster than other regular chargers. This car charger consists of 2 charging ports, and both ports can give an output of 3.1A each, totaling up to 6A.  This charger comes with Smart IC Intelligent Adaptive Technology, which recognizes your device and automatically provides the fastest charging. This charger is cheaply priced and provides several extra features as compared to other brands and comes with a 1-year warranty.

7. ZAAP Turbo USB Car charger

ZAAP Turbo USB Car Charger has added not one but three USB ports so that your entire family can charge their smart gadgets. This USB car charger has an aluminum shell that is tough sufficient through those rough rides. The best part of this charger is compatibility, which allows you to use any device. All three ports support up to 2.4A along with fast charging tech built-in. The charger is smart enough to decide what kind of device you’ve connected and chosen power output based on that.

8. Belkin Road Rockstar Car Charger

Road Rockstar: 4-Port Passenger Car Charger; Black

Belkin’s Car Charger is a world-renowned brand that has a solution that is not only great for the people on the front but also the ones at the back.

 This car charger unit itself has a pair of USB ports, while a rope extends to offer several USB ports to the passengers in the rear seats. It can charge a total of four devices at once. All four ports support the output of 2.4A, which is quite excellent for charging modern smartphones and tablets. 

Belkin car charger includes the highest quality standards, both internally and externally, to present you with the best in class experience with its 6-foot cable to charge.

9. Anker Power Drive+ USB Car Charger

 For your long driving, this car charger could be perfect for keeping your numerous smart devices charged. Anker car charger has this two-port car charger with a small outer body, and it is capable of charging two of your devices at a fast speed. This car charger is compatible with Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 tech making it compatible with most new devices. 

Anker car charger has its proprietary tech included in this car charger called PowerDrive+, which can automatically regulate the output voltage to fast charger devices with bigger batteries like tablets. LED light surrounds the charger above its metal build, and the company has included a security system to avoid disasters of any kind.

10. Mivi Dual Port Car Charger

This car charger offers a total of 3.4A output using both its USB ports, the car charger also has a smart characteristic developed to fix the current provided to each connected device automatically.

Mivi has included all the security features that its premium charger discussed above. The charger can control both high voltage and temperature to prevent the charger from working and your gadgets secure. Two USB ports enable you to connect any device. You require to join the USB cable compatible with your appropriate equipment. It includes the full 1-year warranty with this product.      

11. Qbix Qualcomm Car Charger

Qbix USB Car Charger comes with minimum dimensions and won’t hold enough area in your car. With its small size, the car charger holds Quick Charge 3.0 from Qualcomm, charging your smartphone up to 80 percent with the charging of a single hour. On a regular charger, a phone would charge no more than 20 percent at a similar time. This charger is lightweight, made of aluminum, and it is very sturdy to manage a couple of falls. Charging speeds of this charger can be adjusted to suit the device requirements automatically. Qbix has prepared this device with several security measures to keep you and your gadgets protected.

12. Taslar Dual USB Car Charger

The first thing that differentiating this charger from the other charger is that it connects via your car’s cigarette lighter and not the regular charging port. This charger comes in the size of a cup and sits correctly in the cupholder. The charger also provides separate switches so that you don’t continuously plug in and out the charger. Many USB ports have provided to let you charge your standard smart devices like phones and tablets, while there are two more ports for connecting a display for the rear camera and a display for the rear camera.

13. MTT Qualcomm Car Charger 

This car charger from MTT can assist you very well with what it’s supposed to do. The company has designed it as compact as possible to include two USB ports on its back without taking much space. A Qualcomm Quick Charge 3.0 standard is supported by this car charger but only on one port.

The port on the top has been identified with an orange accent to show its support for fast Charge 3.0 to charge your supported gadgets rapidly. The extra port is not slow. It can charge devices with a maximum output of 2.4A. This car charger arrives with a warranty of 6 months from MTT.

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